Quick and Dirty

I deleted 8 half-written blog posts that I’d been meaning to finish and publish, but here we are.

Evelyn is over 4 months old! She’s currently squirming around on my lap as I type this with one hand with two hands in her mouth, one being mine.


She loves tickles and little neck nuzzles, almost as much as she loves smiling at her big sisters. weighing in at a solid 17 lbs and fitting nicely into 9 month clothes. She is a great eater and loves her little jumper which makes my life just a little bit easier.


Mary Margaret is turning 5 this month and I’m almost in denial about her becoming a “big big” girl. She has been showing hints of getting out of the “little
girl” tantrums and such, which makes me really look forward to when it’s more consistent. Her current favorite things are, Little House on The Prairie, building with blocks and tiles, listening to the Hamilton score (going on 9 months with straight Hamilton) and The Sound of Music. She loves Pre-K at Thales and although track-out has been great, I know getting back to school will make her very happy.


Virginia turned 3 this summer, and I can’t really believe my once-little baby who reminded me how tough parenting is, turned 3! She surprises me everyday with the things she asks and knows about. I sometimes forget how big and smart she really is. She maintains the status as most fiery and spirited in the crew. She’s different from the ease of Mary Margaret, but in a usually-fun way. Her favorites are PJ Masks, Sound of Music, playing dress up, singing made-up songs, hovering over Evelyn, and coloring sometimes on paper – but mostly on herself.


For us parents, we are on the busy season with work, kids and church responsibilities. Charlie, lovingly, “retired” from teaching Catechism on Wednesday nights which allow me to go to choir practice without having to hire a babysitter. He still loves teaching Latin and History at St. Thomas More Academy and is excited to help with all aspects of the school outside of the classroom.  He was recently sporting a cast from breaking his wrist playing dodgeball with the freshmen, and I think I’m as happy as he is at having both worthing hands back. As of July, we are in our new Cathedral which is SO beautiful and welcome to anyone Catholic or not, that would like to attend service there. So don’t be afraid to come even if you aren’t Catholic.

In true postpartum style, I’m going to omit pictures of myself, because… vanity… instead I’ll include this meme in place of a picture of me.


and one more just for good measure.




Evelyn – 6 weeks old

So, I’m jumping the gun a little, as she’s not officially 6 weeks old until tomorrow, July 4th, but do things while you can.

I know this is my 3rd baby, but I still can’t get over how long AND short these first 3 months are. I know that I’m not the only one who both enjoys the sweet snuggles and ease of their simple needs, and also longs for the babies to get older and easier. It’s such a strange sense of longing for time to stop and also spring forward because things are SO much fun later.


It’s unfair to compare children, but when people ask how she compares to her big sisters, I have to say that she isn’t as bizarrely easy as Mary Margaret was as a baby, and not as severely difficult as Virginia. So, I conclude that she is a blend of the two personalities.  She is highly effected by gas, so requires much burping efforts, but once the gas has escaped, she is pretty easy going and happy until she’s tired or hungry or doesn’t want to be in that position (floor, bouncy seat, etc) anymore.

I’m not going to discuss her sleeping habits at all, as to not jinx anything. All new moms understand this sentiment.


She is the apple of Virginia’s large blue eye. Virginia was come find me every morning and ask to see the baby first thing. She will shower her with kisses and head touches and tell her how “bewtiful” she is. Mary Margaret has a much cooler approach to her new sister. She definitely loves her, and does give her the occasional kiss, but mostly just says things like “She starting to like me more” and “she’s looking at me”, along with being very helpful to me by assisting with retrieving items such as phones, diapers, clothes, etc.

IMG_7877 (1)IMG_7900 (1)

We were actually on our game this time, and scheduled her baptism before she was born! With Mary Margaret and Virginia we waited 9 months and (at least) 3 months, so this time I was so proud that we got our act together early.  Additionally, we wanted to have a little baptism/ house warming party as a reason to 1) clean the house really well and 2) get a keg… mostly Charlie’s reason. We had a few friends attend with little babies of their own and it was such a joy having all ranges of children there, from only weeks old to college age kids and everywhere in between.

IMG_8139 (1)

We’re 1/2 way through the 4th trimester and I feel like having lower expectations has really helped me get through it. Also, having Charlie home all summer is the best thing I could have done for myself postpartum. I know that most people can’t do that kind of scheduling for delivery, but if you can it’s so so so so worth it.

Evelyn Grace McCants

IMG_7919We’re three weeks in and Charlie has been try to entice me to write this down, mostly so I don’t forget it but also because I think he’s pretty proud of me. This is a long one, and if it seems long while reading it, imagine living it.

I’ll start by repeating what my midwife told me that the 3rd labor can be a wild card, and girlfriend don’t lie.
I should also mention my mantra was “If I got to Durham to have this baby, I’m not leaving without a baby!”

We’ll start on Saturday night, be night before my due date. We had Nana in town and after a visit to the midwives for a normal appointment where I was already 3cm and 70% effaced. I got my membranes swept so I was really hoping for some movement in the coming days. So, back to Saturday night, after going to a great birthday party where I was feeling fine, and thought I was starting to feel something starting up. By after dinner, I was definitely thinking I was feeling something. So Charlie and I take some walks around the neighborhood, they were coming not super consistent but I was getting something. We took off to drop Buckley off at my in-laws and continued walking around their house. I started getting tired so I went to lay down and they completely went away. I tucked my tail between my legs and made our way home.

Sunday, due date, nothing. Charlie and I went for a date night and all was normal.

Monday morning, I call the midwives because I was slightly worried that I wasn’t feeling her move much. Which turned out to be that she was sleeping or something for a while. But I also had some indication that I could be leaking fluid. So they asked me to come in for a visit and check. All was fine and they swept my membranes again, I was at 4 cm then. Right after that the girls and I went to Chick Fil A and I had a really big contraction. And started to get excited about her coming soon.

All through the day I’m having decent contractions, nothing earth shattering, but they kept coming. After dinner we packed up everyone and got to my in-laws again to drop even more kids off. We walked around their neighborhood and they were picking up slightly but were sticking around when I sat down. Around 10:30 we left for our other friend’s house who live closer to the hospital. Once we get there, I stall out again. Called the midwife among a very rainy walk in their neighborhood and she gave me some tips to get this started up again. We rested a little and the contractions started coming every 7 mins and at increasing intensity.

We make our way to the hospital around 2 am on Tuesday morning. Get checked in, and start walking around the floor. Once I get onto the floor, and into the bright lights, I start stalling again. I then go back into the room with the lights down and keep having contractions. I get into the shower and doing squats, and things keep coming. Eventually after a few hours of this, I get checked. 6 cm. I’m not really upset, because the contractions weren’t as long as I would have expected. Then I stall again.

Back and forth for hours with stalling and trying to get things going with no success.

Around 5 am, I get checked because I would love to get into the tub, which done too soon can also stall someone out. 6 cm. I stall completely. No contractions, nothing. Charlie and I start getting really discouraged in my body and confused because I’d done this twice before with none of these issues.

At this point, the midwife said “well, we can either break your water, or I guess you could go home” and I AM NOT going home without a baby.

7am we decide to have my water broken, but the floor was so crazy that my midwife didn’t get back to me until 10:00am and even then it was the next midwife coming on, because the previous one was still delivering babies left and right. So we nap a little and watch family feud while we wait. One of the L&D nurses came in to check on her heart rate and told me that 3rd pregnancies stall out constantly. They see this all the time and once they break my water, it will come fast.

10:15am, the midwife breaks my water and sweeps my membranes again to really aggravate my cervix. When she checked me, she says “you know, I think they were being generous with a 6cm, you’re really more a 5″…. They put the monitors on me and the nurse isn’t going to be happy with me until I get minute-long contractions. Once I get a few of those I start walking the floor again and things really get crazy fast. I start getting over a minute long back labor contractions every 2 minutes at least. We do probably 5 loops around the floor and I’m asking for the tub. The doula was had, who was amazing by the way, ran ahead to get it going. All the while I have contractions probably every 20 feet of walking.

I get into the tub amid very frequent and strong contractions. Once I get in the tub doesn’t really help, sitting down isn’t going to happen right now and I flip over on my hands and knees with Charlie pushing on my back with all his weight and Leah, the doula, is spraying my back with the hand shower head thing on my back. I start moaning and cussing and they are coming on top of each other now. Charlie, who has now seen this twice before, goes to get the midwife because he knows things are getting serious now.

Once the midwife comes to me, I tell her I’m getting the urge to push and I wanted to push her out in the tub. She grabs the monitor to check Evelyn’s heart rate, tells me it’s good and encourages me to get to the bed, because I don’t have enough water to push her out in the tub (and I do know it’s not hospital policy to allow a water birth). I almost run over the bed and she helps me start pushing her out.

I made gave her in the instruction to help me not tear, because I’d gotten second degree tears with the other girls and would love to avoid that this time. She guided her out and she was out at 12:01pm. I went from 5 cm to 10 cm in 1.5 hours from when they broke my water. I did have a 1st degree tear, mostly from her shoulders, which I have found to be a much easier recovery than a 2nd degree tear.


As a follow up, would I have gone the breaking the water thing earlier? Maybe, It is a little scary to think about that much pain happening in that short amount of time. But I was very much in shock once I pushed her out, that after all the stalling and frustration, she was already out. It was pretty amazing.

All through my pregnancy, I was extremely concerned about a nuchal cord, and told them not to tell me if something was wrong once she was coming out. Just fix it and move on, and that exactly that happened. She had a loose nuchal cord that she came right through, or something. I had to ask if she had one, and if I hadn’t asked I don’t even know if they would have mentioned it.

Since Virginia’s postpartum was so worrisome and strange that once we got the chance to leave and given a clean bill of health, we jumped on it and left right after 24 hours in the hospital. Although she latched on right away, we had a tough start with nursing. It’s mostly because as I was told by the Lactation Consultant that she had a short tongue. But upon further investigation, and 3rd time mom maternal instinct, she had a posterior tongue tie that we had released and things are much better.  Other than that, she’s a dream and we are all obsessed with her.


38 weeks

We are quickly creeping up on 38 weeks pregnant. Part of me can’t believes we’re already here and another part thinks we should have had this baby weeks ago. This being my first pregnancy not working, I assumed I would be chasing the girls around and going up and down stairs that I wouldn’t gain the extreme amount of weight (50 lbs) that I gained with the other girls.

I’ve done all of the different things with the other pregnancies.
With Mary Margaret’s, I was in spin classes and at the gym trying to keep the weight off. Nope – 50 lbs
With Virginia’s I did the opposite, sat on my tush ate scones and Jimmy Johns multiple times a week – 50 lbs.
This time I was sure I was going to keep it off, I ate somewhat responsibly, chased kids around, MOVED HOUSES! Which is packing and lifting things, LOTS of cleaning, etc. Nope – 50 (+) lbs. I don’t know what it is with me, but the weight seems to come however I act when pregnant. Maybe one day, if we have a boy, I won’t gain all this weight. But alas, that would involve us having a boy, and you’ve seen our track record.

We moved into our new big house a little over a month ago, and I think 99.9% of the boxes IN the house are unpacked and discarded of. There are probably 15 boxes in the garage that hold things I apparently can live without. Actually, I do know that some are cloth diapers I’m going to ignore for a few more weeks, and another has baby bottles that I will be using in a few months, so I’ll continue to ignore until necessary.


We have been exploring our new neighborhood have found friends to play with,


along with friends we will be avoiding,


Snakes. Edit

This terrible quality picture is, apparently, two black rat snakes mating, super. I took it from our bathroom window on the second floor, probably 20 feet above the coitus, because I didn’t want to get any closer.

Our street has a wonderful cul de sac which the girls have been loving to ride bikes, and trikes, and scooters around. It has really made the house for us. Along with the HUGE bonus room above the garage. The backyard has recently (as in yesterday) been fenced, and I think once we get some things to swing on and such back there we will really enjoy it. It’s pretty tight back there, but some yard is better than no yard in my book.


Back to pregnancy: I’ve been feeling pretty confident about this pregnancy, aside from the fact that we’ve moved 20 extra minutes away from our hospital (Duke Regional) but if things go anything like Virginia’s labor (14 hrs, start to finish), I’ll have lots of time to get there. But who knows, we do have to pass two other hospitals on the way, so I’ll at least have options if things get desperate. When I was pregnant with Mary Margaret and Virginia, I had this naiveté where I wasn’t aware of all of the things that could go wrong. But, after listening and reading to birth stories (which are intended to be helpful and empowering) I have all of these anxieties in my head about what could go wrong. So, please, prayers for peace and comfort that the Lord will bring Evelyn into the word safely and keep her healthy.


Practice reading to the “baby”

School is wrapping up for both Charlie and Mary Margaret, which I am thrilled about. Mary Margaret will be going to Thales Academy in Knightdale for Pre-K this summer (they are year-round) and, get this, carpool starts at 7:45 AM. I’m barely conscious at that time these days.  It’s going to be an adjustment for everyone.

Other than those small things, we’re just hanging out and waiting for this baby to come. The midwife yesterday told me that 3rd babies are “wild cards” when it comes to labor. They turn more 3rd time moms away from the hospital for false labor than anyone else. Let me tell you, if I’m driving all the way to Durham from Knightdale, I better be admitted, or I’ll just wait in the parking lot until they are ready to admit me.

Nomadic Lifestyle

We are less than a week out from being in our new fancy home and we are SO. Ready. I think I’ve only had 2 breakdowns within these two weeks, but many many days I re-evaluated the choice to have two weeks between closings.


“Bye old house”

I really needed this after we closed on Thursday, it was a tough day for me…


We have been very blessed to have homes to stay in between my in-laws, parents and great friends. We have been using this opportunity to take day trips to places like the NC Zoo.


Out of the whole day of walking and lifting to see animals, they LOVED the tram on the way home. I will give a shout out to Miss Virginia, as she walked almost the whole morning.


I’ve been wearing this exact outfit for days at a time. Even this is getting to be too tight.
So sad. Also, in High Point, Hobby Lobby is a highlight.

Next, we spent a few days in North Durham with some dear friends who not only fed us extra yummy meals but had a membership to the Museum of Life and Science and humored us by taking us both days after nap time.


We made a pit stop on the way to the beach at The Boiler Room which had great burgers and the bloody mary I had was pretty good too.


Currently, we’re at the beach with friends we haven’t seen since Virginia was 3 months old. Charlie and the husband went to Duke Divinity together and the wife and I are kindred spirits. They have a sweet little three-year-old who is as obsessed with princesses as my girls and we have been having a great time at the beach and arguing about who has and wears what princess-wise.


The mommies took the girlies to the beach late morning today and I then remembered that long ago, I packed the girl’s bathing suits away for the move. The plan was for the girls to wear t-shirts and undies as beachwear. Of course, Virginia had other plans for her time on the sand.


Thursday is the big day for our new house and if we weren’t excited before, we are extremely excited after this adventure I’ve put us on.


Buckley isn’t nearly as concerned about the lack of Virginia’s clothing or that I’m 32 weeks pregnant and moving homes.

Hopefully, by the time I update this blog, we will be at least sleeping in our new house, if nothing else!

Ch, Ch, Ch, Ch, Changes

It’s been, of course, a long time since I’ve blogged. And sometimes there is a reason for my absences.

Let’s start with what you know:

We’re still very pregnant with our third little girl. Which was a delight to the big girls and really makes things either on our clothing situation.

I’m creeping up on 3rd trimester, which has been the most tiring third trimester of my life. I wake up fine and refreshed, but go to bed with a very heavy belly and almost never have a hard time falling asleep.


I think I’ve cornered the market on flattering pregnancy pictures.

A little story: When I was pregnant with Virginia, at like month 7 (like a crazy pregnant lady) I thought it would be a great idea to sell our house and move before the baby came. Which, now seems INSANE, and I was trying some extreme nesting-nonsense. We ended up (rightly) not trying to sell the house and stayed with our sweet little family of 4 (plus dog) in our townhouse in North Raleigh. It was great and suited us really well, less to clean, amazing neighbors, and super close to Charlie’s work so he could run home to help if absolutely necessary.

* This may get a little long, bare with me.

Fast forward: I think almost everyone that isn’t in their dream house as been browsing on a real estate website just looking to see what’s our there.  In late January, there was a house that jumped into our price range that was on a bit of land and it looked pretty interesting. So on Saturday morning, we drove out there to check it out (with 3 other groups). We decided that was a little out of our time frame, you know, renovations and a baby coming and all. So we passed, but realized that maybe we did want to move before this baby comes. I was about 5 1/2 month pregnant at this point.

As fate would have it, one of my very best friends Callie, had an uncle who had just jumped into the real estate game and we thought he would be a good fit for our family. Plus we’re always looking to help friends and relations.

After meeting with Reade, we decided  on a price point and a aggressive timeline, as to get in front of the spring market and delivering a baby at a house showing. I started cleaning like a complete crazy person and ignoring my children on the regular.

– I’m going to go ahead and plug Reade again, he’s so awesome. Not only does he do all of the realtor stuff, but he will read your kids Frozen stories (with alien add-ins… he has two boys) while you’re meeting with people at your home, and drive across counties EVERY NIGHT of the week to look at houses with you. Amazing, goes above and beyond.

At the same time, we start looking and bidding (and losing) on a few new homes. Then the day comes. February 9th, day the house goes on the market. After a lot of help from friends and family to move boxes and garden and listen to my whining, it dropped on at 12 AM into MLS. Within 24 hrs we had 19 individual showings, and 5 offers almost all above asking price. It was INSANE. It didn’t take us long to decide which offer to go with.

Note: If in a Very hot market, include a personal note with your offer. Even if they have a heart of stone, they will start putting you into the home they loved.


The same day we found a home, we hope to be ours and went under contract on both within 24 hours. For personal reasons we had to stagger our house closings, which presents a new layer of fun. Homelessness.


Half packed boxes galore.
Make sure you don’t miss the babydoll in the fruit bowl.

We will be closing in mid-March for our townhouse and then closing on our new house early April, which means that we will be nomadic for over 3 weeks, while waddling through third trimester. Charlie will be able to hang on the weekends, but he has to work while we are trekking around North Carolina. So if you’re looking for someone to hang out with during the week, check us out to see where we’ve landed.


This could be us at your home, if you’re lucky.

So. We’re in a frenzy packing and living and growing children and moving.


Ohh, and Virginia decided she’d like to potty train and particular strains of the plague have descended upon Raleigh all during the last months.


Pray for us, folks.

Baby Everest

Well the streak continues! We are having baby girl #3 in the McCants house this May.


It was a bit of a house divided before the ultrasound. Virginia was certain that McBaby was going to be a “baby Sebastian” (not a name we’d actually discussed) and Mary Margaret was happy to tell you it would be a baby girl because “our house is designed for girls”which is pretty much the case. Between Charlie and I, I think we knew that it was going to be a girl, but would have enjoyed the excitement of having a boy. We have a long standing name that we’d give this baby if it were to be a boy, if a boy every happens.

Baby girl was keeping secrets to herself for a while as she was keeping her legs crossed for most of the ultrasound, but after some coercing she opened wide up and with a special look, the ultrasound tech said…. “well, it’s another girl” and then there was a sigh of relief. Having a boy would have been a change in parenting for Charlie. He’s not a pushover with the girls, but he would have been rougher and tougher on a boy.

Once the girls were told the good news of their new baby sister, it was all smiles and we headed off to find something (one of the few) outfits for her to wear.


I helped them pick something out and in .25 seconds they were on to the toy section, which happens to be directly beside the baby section.


As you see, there is a new found love for Paw Patrol around our house even though they only watch it at Nana’s house. When asked what the new baby’s name is going to be, Virginia lovingly called it “Baby Everest”.


Looks just like a McCants, no?

Since we won’t really need too many things for the newest girl, I started going through baby girl clothes, and was immediately overcome by the amount of girl clothes we have. I like to pretend I’m going to get organized so I ran over to get some storage containers and have been trying to weed all of the cute stuff we have been given and have bought these girls over the years. I just can’t seem to part with it!

On a completely unrelated note, Charlie and I went to a wedding on New Years Eve this year in Nashville, and I was SO fancy and we got to dress up and have a little babymoon. It was so great! We hadn’t done something like that for either pregnancy and I recommend it strongly. I wouldn’t require a 8 hour drive across states, but it was a wonderful weekend none the less.




This dress was the third I’d rented from Rent The Runway. It’s such an awesome service and there was even a section for “bump friendly” dresses that allowed for belly room. I order it two sizes bigger and I’m glad I did, because it just barely fit.


This fur stole was given to me by Charlie’s late grandfather because it was so special to his grandmother. We happen to have the same initials, which also makes it that much more special. I was a little nervous that I would be overdressed with the fur and the dress. But I was one of many rocking the fur (or fake fur) that night, and I so rarely have the chance to wear something this fancy.



We also did our first Airbnb that weekend and I could not have been better. The couple was super sweet, their room was so neat and eclectic and the location was perfect for our weekend. We will definitely do it again for other trips we go on.

It’s been cold and icy here for days, which is unusual for North Carolina. We are unable to deal with all the cabin fever (and stomach bugs) this may create. Mary Margaret and I walked up to the local bouncy house to do SOMETHING. Which was great, because with public schools closed, preschool is closed too, and we are getting desperate for activity. Which is really why I got this blog entry done.

Anyway, stay warm folks. It’s going to be above 60 degrees later this week. So we’re bound to warm up soon!


Three, It’s a Magic Number

If anyone has seen me, or talked to me in the last…. month and a half, something may have been off. I’ve been wearing less and less make up and my expression is less and less pleasant.

It’s not because I’ve been staying up at night cleaning my house. Because, ha, that hasn’t changed, and I still do the bare minimum when it comes to cleaning.  Even less than minimum, if I’m being honest.


These two have been such sweethearts when it comes to mommy’s Jekyll and Hyde attitudes the last few weeks. And there can not be enough shout outs for Charlie as he as been doing his full day’s work at STMA, then coming home to listen to me complain along with taking care of the house and kids in the evening.


Yours Truly.

If I were creative enough, this concept would have been my Halloween costume.

Charlie wanted me to hold off, probably for a few more weeks before letting you in on our little secret, but excitement was getting to me. And after 2 funerals with lots of friends and family, as grandparents who like to share good news. We are exceedingly happy to announce:



Mary Margaret is really excited and asks every time I go to the doctor if I’m going to have the baby at that appointment. Virginia keeps randomly saying “baby sister”, not that we know at all what this baby is going to be.

I have been noticeably more sick this time around, and some camps think that this the going to be the boy that lays the metaphorical golden egg of our princess-loving house. But we will see in a few months. I could just be extra tired and moody and nauseous.

Next Step: College

This post was supposed to go out…. umm… like 3 weeks ago, and it’s still sitting here in my edit box.

I know, almost everyone sends their little ones off to preschool, but I never fully considered what it is like until last week, when I geared up our little first-born and sent her into the arms of the very capable teachers at St Marks. One of them is our neighbors and she is amazing. Mary Margaret comes back everyday and asks if she’s going again the next day. When asks what she does all day, she say something about lunch and some stations, and then doesn’t remember the rest (although, I have been told of music time, chapel, crafts so I know there is much more involved). Although she has come back with some very catchy songs about “Adios Amigos” and “Hosanna in the Highest”, which implies that she may have gone to a music class and retained something.


I’m just getting used to packing lunches and the subsequent not being eaten-ness of packing child lunches. Originally I looked on Pinterest to see what some good ideas where. I then quickly realized that it was all a farce and like 2 people in the whole school have parent who love them enough to make elaborate Pinterest meals.

The girls’ favorite TV show (actually the only one we let them watch) is Daniel Tiger and one of the BEST things about him is that his little jingles can actually help me get the girls to do what I want. Potty Training:”Flush and Wash and be on your way“, table manners: “Hands in your lap, clap clap clap” and the one that applies to this: “Clothes on, eat breakfast, brush teeth, put on shoes and off to school!“.


I did this roughly over a year ago, so I thought I’d see how the answers had changed.

Mary Margaret 9/14/2016, 3.5 years old

What is your favorite food? Corn on the Cob

What is your favorite activity? Go to school

Where is your favorite place? The bounce house with Nana

What is your future dream job? A water truck helper (Ditch Witch* helper)

What is the funniest thing that’s happened to you? Ant bite at the park

Who is your best friend and why? Will and Daniel. Because Will likes to play with me.

Where do you live? In North Carolina 

What does heaven look like? Mass

What is Mommy’s Job? Helping people

What is Daddy’s job? Teaching people

What animal would you want to be? Cat

What do you want to be when you grow up? Ditch Witch helper

What’s your favorite color? Pink

What do you like to do with daddy? Get Cheese and Chips

What do you like to do with mommy? Go see Will and Daniel

What is your favorite thing to wear? School Clothes

What is your favorite song? Ophelia

What is your favorite bedtime book? Library Books 

What is your favorite treat? Lollipops

What are your favorite shoes? School Shoes (Like Daniel Tiger?)

Who is your favorite sister? Virginia

*We have some construction going on in our neighborhood for a few months, mostly involving the Ditch Witch. So it’s our newest obsession.


I’ll give this a try with Virginia, but it’s going to make almost no-sense.

Virginia, 9/14/2016 2 years

What is your favorite food? Mac and Cheese

What is your favorite activity? Daddy home

Where is your favorite place? the van

What is your future dream job? –non-sense-

What is the funniest thing that’s happened to you?

Who is your best friend and why? Sister

Where do you live? Daddy Home

What does heaven look like? -No way would she get this-

What is Mommy’s Job? Make Eggs

What is Daddy’s job?

What animal would you want to be? Monkeys

What do you want to be when you grow up?

What’s your favorite color? Black

What do you like to do with daddy? Get Cheese and Chips

What do you like to do with mommy? Make Eggs

What is your favorite thing to wear? Daddy Home

What is your favorite song? ABCDEFG

What is your favorite bedtime book? Daddy Home 

What is your favorite treat?

What are your favorite shoes? Daddy Home

Who is your favorite sister? Daddy


Well that made as much sense as I’d expected.

I was just informed by Mary Margaret that she wants a NEW lunch box because hers isn’t Elsa and Anna themed, and all of the other girls have that one. Who knew it started in Preschool.

House Re-Love

That’s lame, Laura. I’m back and talking about how I’m tired of my house. Get ready!

We bought our sweet little abode close to 6 years when we were on the way to becoming Mr. and Mrs. We didn’t have any kids, except for Buckley,  and a lack of yard and 3 small bedrooms wasn’t anything to keep us from making this place our own.

Now after 6 long short years, we are having to learn how to re-love this little townhouse of ours. We were SO SO SO fortunate a few years ago to have the opportunity to pay off our mortgage, and the thought of acquiring another monthly mortgage payment makes me want to cry a little (a lot).

I say all that, to say we need to make this place seem newer and make (me mostly) fall back in love with it, without having to add more rooms, or anger some people by adding a fence or something.

New Door: Our HOA has pretty lenient by-laws meaning we can get away we come minor things, we are looking for a new door. Recently, our neighbor got a door and at first I wanted it, something FIERCE, but then I was like WELLLLLL, and now I’m back to wanting it again. It looks something like this:


this is from Pinterest, not my neighorhood

obviously, this entrance looks WAY more put than ours does. But you get the idea. Mostly we’re trying to get more light into our house. It’s been blessed with some great trees outside, but the lack of windows really puts a damper on things when the sun isn’t shining directly into the sparse windows.

Living Room Lighting: On that note, we will move on to the next area of needed attention, our living room. It’s decent sized, and we have moved everything to the edges for maximum child-playing room, but it’s so dark, especially in the evening. We aren’t fans of overhead lighting, so the traditional ceiling fan/light combo isn’t really our thing. We are considering adding a large mirror behind the couch as I’ve heard a rumor that can make things lighten up. We’ve thought about track lighting, and we’re confused about where to put it, what to exactly illuminate, and I don’t think we want to mess up our beautiful ceiling with it.

Please overlook the clutter, I did make a minor attempt at cleaning before I took these.

This wall was my one attempt at doing some DIY, and I didn’t even really help.IMG_6073 (1)

Even Jesus is like “I don’t know…”

IMG_6075 (1)I mean, isn’t this wall like SCREAMING for something? I’m terrible

IMG_6072 (1)


And these are pictures of it at the lightest part of the day. It’s only downhill from here.
If anyone has ideas, that aren’t like “Put a window in your town home”, “get a new couch” or “repaint the whole room”, or something like that. Please help a sist out!

Kitchen Nightmare: Our final change, for now, is the back splash in the kitchen. Recently (well that’s a stretch, it was like 4 months ago), our microwave broke, and we hemmed and hawed about the idea of putting a new one in or just going without, because our house isn’t exactly wired for a microwave. It would do this really “vintage” thing, where all the lights would dim in the house if the microwave was running. Sorry, so we decided to go without, and it’s been fine. I was a glorified coffee heater-upper for the majority of it’s life, anyway. And we have found ways around that. Anyway… we took the microwave out, put up a lovely, light-giving range hood and this is what remained.

IMG_6076 (1)

But, if we do like an awesome subway tile backsplash of my dreams, the rest of the kitchen will look like the ugly step sister. It needs new refacing on the cabinets, and new counter tops, and $$$$$. So, do we do the back splash and let the other stuff just fester in it’s cheap 1985 yuck, or bite the bullet and make minor revisions to bring it up to snuff?

Any and all suggestions would be treasured.