The First Child

I’m writing this early Saturday morning as I was up early with the non-sleeper and put her down for an early nap (7:15am). Then coffee and HORRIBLE trash TV (Millionaire Matchmaker, go ahead and gag). So this has turned into my “me” time, sad I know. Anyway.

Before we had the beginnings of a gaggle of girlies running (I mean V isn’t running, but you get the idea) we had or first child. And he was the boot camp for children.

We were newly engaged when I made my case for a dog. The fateful day, which happened to be Valentine’s weekend was snowy. So the PetSmart, where the pet adoption was being held, was on a two-hour delay. We were there before the store opened and I was chomping at the bit to get in and find him.


25384_730595598623_157023_n 20180_724200220013_59369_n

Since we’ve had the girlies, he of course, hasn’t received as much attention and in a moment of annoyance he sometimes seems like a bit more of a burden, but I have come to appreciate his presence and his devotion to our family. At the moment, he is guarding either the front door or listening for V to start crying again. It might be because I was watching the most recent episode of Parenthood, and was crying that he got a little concerned. But he’s a tried and true man of the house.


Last night, for example, V was having a T.O.U.G.H night and he was very very worried about her well-being. He would stay by our bedroom door when we were trying to get her down, and then once we got her down, I left for a second and he jumped right into my place.

He is our Greenway running partner and always makes me feel safe with my girls when we’re out. He’s just the best.


I won’t bombard you with all the Buckley pictures we have but, we LOVE him so much, and I feel 1000% more protected with him here. He has a great bark and attack with jumps and leg scrapes.

As our first child, he really set us up with the needs of another being and made us understand putting our wants aside. As much as I would like, you can’t put a baby in a crate (or so they say). But the drinking all night, coming home with the sun doesn’t fly if you’re a caring pet owner.

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