Baby, You can (maybe) drive my car

Thursday was my official last day as a working mom. Wednesday, as I was cleaning my work phone of all it’s numbers and pictures I started getting a little sentimental, but come Thursday afternoon I was really in a dream world of turning in equipment and giving hugs. My co-workers took me to a great Mexican lunch at a local Durham joint where I was able to steal french fries (I know, at a Mexican place) and happily eat Guac on their friendly dime.

As we had been preparing for this family life change, we had decided we needed to trade or sell my fancy gas-saving Prius for something with a lower monthly payment. We knew that the local Toyota place is always really interested in Priuses because they re-sell super well. So I go alone last week and talk to a very friendly salesman who completely understands our plight, as he has a stay at home wife too and two kids, one who is special needs.

Yesterday, in the rain, my amazingly giving and baby-loving long-time friend comes into town and is willing to watch our nap-fighting little girls while we hash this car trading/buying thing out. 3 hours later we are finally signing the papers to a new (to us) 2005 Toyota Camry. It has no bell or whistle to speak of, but it is exactly what Charlie needs to drive the 3.5 miles to work every day.

photo 1 (8)

bye bye Prius, could I have taken a worse picture? Doubtful.

So we make the effort this morning of cleaning out the Volvo and putting all of the car seats, books, cleats, and non-sense into Charlie’s new car. As I was vacuuming the floorboards out, the obvious thing happened. The Volvo stops working. I go to move the driver’s seat back from accommodating a midget/old lady. And it stops mid-move. Charlie tries to jump it with his new car, nothing. We were told when the (new) battery died last time that if it happened again, it was probably the Alternator. Perfect.

photo 2 (10)

As it stands now, we can’t take the Volvo into the shop until Monday and we have Boom’s battery charger thing so we can at least get it there without towing it (please God).

Regardless, it was so perfect timing-wise that it would happen the day after we bought a newish car, on the week that we become a one-income family.

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