Easter 2015

Needless to say Easter 2015 will not be topped for some time, maybe never.

This Easter, after many many weeks of prayer and classes I was received into the Catholic Church. When I wrote this article for a guest post I, honestly, thought the day might come when I converted but at the time it wasn’t on the docket.  But, when Virginia was 5 weeks old I gathered the courage to call to put my name on the list and start the journey of RCIA which would be starting a few weeks later. There certainly would have been an easier time in our parenting life to commit to hour-long classes that expect our kids to be semi-quiet, followed by packed Masses. But as our RCIA teacher mentioned, it was a great testament to family and to see that at any point in your life you are welcomed to join The Church.

I had been to an Easter vigil before, but I was pregnant with Mary Margaret, and it was a little overwhelming and long and although beautiful, it was A LOT. Of course, this one was much more important (obviously) and holds a very special meaning to our family.

Easter with Bishop 2015

This is the only picture we have and it’s grainy and dark,
but since Charlie is Bishop Burbidge’s fanboy, he will probably require we get it framed.

After all that late-night excitement, we got up and had an awesome breakfast. Charlie had been fasting since Thursday night so he wanted to make cook everything in our kitchen, and almost succeeded.

Easter Morning 2015

Umm, I think the Easter Bunny forgot the candy and brought me these books about Saints…

We piddled around the house for a while then loaded up with the girls and my mom to head to Kleinshire for their Easter party complete with Easter egg hunt.

There was great food, conversation and LOTS of animals and children. There was so much life there, it was truely an inspiration.

Easter Egg Hunting 2015

V Easter Egg Hunt 2015

Horse Easter 2015Chicken Easter 2015

Thanks ladies for my yummy eggs for breakfast!!

V and daddy Klein Easter

Speaking of yum, this is a recent favorite picture of Charlie.
He wears a similar outfit to this almost daliy, but for some reaons this one is really “getting” me.

What you can’t see in that picture is the Scotch tape he has keeping his glasses together. He’s been sporting these glasses for at least 5 years and for the last 2 they have been super glued together. So I’m pushing him out the door to get it done. He’s going to be really fancy and get some Warby Parker glasses. He did a #warbyhometryon a few months back and let everyone pipe up on their choice.

Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 2.34.18 PM

The pair on the left won, not my choice… but it’s not my face, I guess.

So aside from the obvious BIG deal things that happened this Easter, it was pretty easy-going otherwise.

Happy Easter from the McCantses (and my mom).

Family Easter 2015

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