From the Window…. to the (Accent) Wall!!

Wayyy back in the beginning of the summer. We roped a good friend and co-worker of Charlie’s to help us add some accent to our wall in the living room. We were having a hard time “loving” our home because we (I) was there all the time and felt like we were outgrowing it and felt very claustrophobic in it’s 1400 sq ft (which isn’t really that small I understand).

So. I found this semi-tutorial online somewhere, probably a link from Pinterest or a Google picture search or something.

Here is how things started,

Blah, you wall that we don’t know what to do with.


Mary Margaret ensures we have the right color and abstract artwork to help.


Frame in the wall.


a horizontal piece 19 inches from the top. Note, this is the most construction I did the whole time.


vertical pieces 19 inches from each side.


Baby working supervisor


spackle all the joints, caulk all the edges.
This is where I took over the heavy lifting.

have said supervisor drink gulps of caulk-water, call poison control.


Paint everything Swiss Coffee color from Behr.


Remove tape and forget to take a finished picture.

I think this project was one that shouldn’t have taken a ton of thought (although, of course, we over-think every step) and has had a really big impact on our house.

Thanks so much Pat! There is absolutely no way we could have done it without your help, and tool, and know-how.

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