Three, It’s a Magic Number

If anyone has seen me, or talked to me in the last…. month and a half, something may have been off. I’ve been wearing less and less make up and my expression is less and less pleasant.

It’s not because I’ve been staying up at night cleaning my house. Because, ha, that hasn’t changed, and I still do the bare minimum when it comes to cleaning.  Even less than minimum, if I’m being honest.


These two have been such sweethearts when it comes to mommy’s Jekyll and Hyde attitudes the last few weeks. And there can not be enough shout outs for Charlie as he as been doing his full day’s work at STMA, then coming home to listen to me complain along with taking care of the house and kids in the evening.


Yours Truly.

If I were creative enough, this concept would have been my Halloween costume.

Charlie wanted me to hold off, probably for a few more weeks before letting you in on our little secret, but excitement was getting to me. And after 2 funerals with lots of friends and family, as grandparents who like to share good news. We are exceedingly happy to announce:



Mary Margaret is really excited and asks every time I go to the doctor if I’m going to have the baby at that appointment. Virginia keeps randomly saying “baby sister”, not that we know at all what this baby is going to be.

I have been noticeably more sick this time around, and some camps think that this the going to be the boy that lays the metaphorical golden egg of our princess-loving house. But we will see in a few months. I could just be extra tired and moody and nauseous.


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