Baby Everest

Well the streak continues! We are having baby girl #3 in the McCants house this May.


It was a bit of a house divided before the ultrasound. Virginia was certain that McBaby was going to be a “baby Sebastian” (not a name we’d actually discussed) and Mary Margaret was happy to tell you it would be a baby girl because “our house is designed for girls”which is pretty much the case. Between Charlie and I, I think we knew that it was going to be a girl, but would have enjoyed the excitement of having a boy. We have a long standing name that we’d give this baby if it were to be a boy, if a boy every happens.

Baby girl was keeping secrets to herself for a while as she was keeping her legs crossed for most of the ultrasound, but after some coercing she opened wide up and with a special look, the ultrasound tech said…. “well, it’s another girl” and then there was a sigh of relief. Having a boy would have been a change in parenting for Charlie. He’s not a pushover with the girls, but he would have been rougher and tougher on a boy.

Once the girls were told the good news of their new baby sister, it was all smiles and we headed off to find something (one of the few) outfits for her to wear.


I helped them pick something out and in .25 seconds they were on to the toy section, which happens to be directly beside the baby section.


As you see, there is a new found love for Paw Patrol around our house even though they only watch it at Nana’s house. When asked what the new baby’s name is going to be, Virginia lovingly called it “Baby Everest”.


Looks just like a McCants, no?

Since we won’t really need too many things for the newest girl, I started going through baby girl clothes, and was immediately overcome by the amount of girl clothes we have. I like to pretend I’m going to get organized so I ran over to get some storage containers and have been trying to weed all of the cute stuff we have been given and have bought these girls over the years. I just can’t seem to part with it!

On a completely unrelated note, Charlie and I went to a wedding on New Years Eve this year in Nashville, and I was SO fancy and we got to dress up and have a little babymoon. It was so great! We hadn’t done something like that for either pregnancy and I recommend it strongly. I wouldn’t require a 8 hour drive across states, but it was a wonderful weekend none the less.




This dress was the third I’d rented from Rent The Runway. It’s such an awesome service and there was even a section for “bump friendly” dresses that allowed for belly room. I order it two sizes bigger and I’m glad I did, because it just barely fit.


This fur stole was given to me by Charlie’s late grandfather because it was so special to his grandmother. We happen to have the same initials, which also makes it that much more special. I was a little nervous that I would be overdressed with the fur and the dress. But I was one of many rocking the fur (or fake fur) that night, and I so rarely have the chance to wear something this fancy.



We also did our first Airbnb that weekend and I could not have been better. The couple was super sweet, their room was so neat and eclectic and the location was perfect for our weekend. We will definitely do it again for other trips we go on.

It’s been cold and icy here for days, which is unusual for North Carolina. We are unable to deal with all the cabin fever (and stomach bugs) this may create. Mary Margaret and I walked up to the local bouncy house to do SOMETHING. Which was great, because with public schools closed, preschool is closed too, and we are getting desperate for activity. Which is really why I got this blog entry done.

Anyway, stay warm folks. It’s going to be above 60 degrees later this week. So we’re bound to warm up soon!



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