Ch, Ch, Ch, Ch, Changes

It’s been, of course, a long time since I’ve blogged. And sometimes there is a reason for my absences.

Let’s start with what you know:

We’re still very pregnant with our third little girl. Which was a delight to the big girls and really makes things either on our clothing situation.

I’m creeping up on 3rd trimester, which has been the most tiring third trimester of my life. I wake up fine and refreshed, but go to bed with a very heavy belly and almost never have a hard time falling asleep.


I think I’ve cornered the market on flattering pregnancy pictures.

A little story: When I was pregnant with Virginia, at like month 7 (like a crazy pregnant lady) I thought it would be a great idea to sell our house and move before the baby came. Which, now seems INSANE, and I was trying some extreme nesting-nonsense. We ended up (rightly) not trying to sell the house and stayed with our sweet little family of 4 (plus dog) in our townhouse in North Raleigh. It was great and suited us really well, less to clean, amazing neighbors, and super close to Charlie’s work so he could run home to help if absolutely necessary.

* This may get a little long, bare with me.

Fast forward: I think almost everyone that isn’t in their dream house as been browsing on a real estate website just looking to see what’s our there.  In late January, there was a house that jumped into our price range that was on a bit of land and it looked pretty interesting. So on Saturday morning, we drove out there to check it out (with 3 other groups). We decided that was a little out of our time frame, you know, renovations and a baby coming and all. So we passed, but realized that maybe we did want to move before this baby comes. I was about 5 1/2 month pregnant at this point.

As fate would have it, one of my very best friends Callie, had an uncle who had just jumped into the real estate game and we thought he would be a good fit for our family. Plus we’re always looking to help friends and relations.

After meeting with Reade, we decided  on a price point and a aggressive timeline, as to get in front of the spring market and delivering a baby at a house showing. I started cleaning like a complete crazy person and ignoring my children on the regular.

– I’m going to go ahead and plug Reade again, he’s so awesome. Not only does he do all of the realtor stuff, but he will read your kids Frozen stories (with alien add-ins… he has two boys) while you’re meeting with people at your home, and drive across counties EVERY NIGHT of the week to look at houses with you. Amazing, goes above and beyond.

At the same time, we start looking and bidding (and losing) on a few new homes. Then the day comes. February 9th, day the house goes on the market. After a lot of help from friends and family to move boxes and garden and listen to my whining, it dropped on at 12 AM into MLS. Within 24 hrs we had 19 individual showings, and 5 offers almost all above asking price. It was INSANE. It didn’t take us long to decide which offer to go with.

Note: If in a Very hot market, include a personal note with your offer. Even if they have a heart of stone, they will start putting you into the home they loved.


The same day we found a home, we hope to be ours and went under contract on both within 24 hours. For personal reasons we had to stagger our house closings, which presents a new layer of fun. Homelessness.


Half packed boxes galore.
Make sure you don’t miss the babydoll in the fruit bowl.

We will be closing in mid-March for our townhouse and then closing on our new house early April, which means that we will be nomadic for over 3 weeks, while waddling through third trimester. Charlie will be able to hang on the weekends, but he has to work while we are trekking around North Carolina. So if you’re looking for someone to hang out with during the week, check us out to see where we’ve landed.


This could be us at your home, if you’re lucky.

So. We’re in a frenzy packing and living and growing children and moving.


Ohh, and Virginia decided she’d like to potty train and particular strains of the plague have descended upon Raleigh all during the last months.


Pray for us, folks.


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