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We are less than a week out from being in our new fancy home and we are SO. Ready. I think I’ve only had 2 breakdowns within these two weeks, but many many days I re-evaluated the choice to have two weeks between closings.


“Bye old house”

I really needed this after we closed on Thursday, it was a tough day for me…


We have been very blessed to have homes to stay in between my in-laws, parents and great friends. We have been using this opportunity to take day trips to places like the NC Zoo.


Out of the whole day of walking and lifting to see animals, they LOVED the tram on the way home. I will give a shout out to Miss Virginia, as she walked almost the whole morning.


I’ve been wearing this exact outfit for days at a time. Even this is getting to be too tight.
So sad. Also, in High Point, Hobby Lobby is a highlight.

Next, we spent a few days in North Durham with some dear friends who not only fed us extra yummy meals but had a membership to the Museum of Life and Science and humored us by taking us both days after nap time.


We made a pit stop on the way to the beach at The Boiler Room which had great burgers and the bloody mary I had was pretty good too.


Currently, we’re at the beach with friends we haven’t seen since Virginia was 3 months old. Charlie and the husband went to Duke Divinity together and the wife and I are kindred spirits. They have a sweet little three-year-old who is as obsessed with princesses as my girls and we have been having a great time at the beach and arguing about who has and wears what princess-wise.


The mommies took the girlies to the beach late morning today and I then remembered that long ago, I packed the girl’s bathing suits away for the move. The plan was for the girls to wear t-shirts and undies as beachwear. Of course, Virginia had other plans for her time on the sand.


Thursday is the big day for our new house and if we weren’t excited before, we are extremely excited after this adventure I’ve put us on.


Buckley isn’t nearly as concerned about the lack of Virginia’s clothing or that I’m 32 weeks pregnant and moving homes.

Hopefully, by the time I update this blog, we will be at least sleeping in our new house, if nothing else!


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