38 weeks

We are quickly creeping up on 38 weeks pregnant. Part of me can’t believes we’re already here and another part thinks we should have had this baby weeks ago. This being my first pregnancy not working, I assumed I would be chasing the girls around and going up and down stairs that I wouldn’t gain the extreme amount of weight (50 lbs) that I gained with the other girls.

I’ve done all of the different things with the other pregnancies.
With Mary Margaret’s, I was in spin classes and at the gym trying to keep the weight off. Nope – 50 lbs
With Virginia’s I did the opposite, sat on my tush ate scones and Jimmy Johns multiple times a week – 50 lbs.
This time I was sure I was going to keep it off, I ate somewhat responsibly, chased kids around, MOVED HOUSES! Which is packing and lifting things, LOTS of cleaning, etc. Nope – 50 (+) lbs. I don’t know what it is with me, but the weight seems to come however I act when pregnant. Maybe one day, if we have a boy, I won’t gain all this weight. But alas, that would involve us having a boy, and you’ve seen our track record.

We moved into our new big house a little over a month ago, and I think 99.9% of the boxes IN the house are unpacked and discarded of. There are probably 15 boxes in the garage that hold things I apparently can live without. Actually, I do know that some are cloth diapers I’m going to ignore for a few more weeks, and another has baby bottles that I will be using in a few months, so I’ll continue to ignore until necessary.


We have been exploring our new neighborhood have found friends to play with,


along with friends we will be avoiding,


Snakes. Edit

This terrible quality picture is, apparently, two black rat snakes mating, super. I took it from our bathroom window on the second floor, probably 20 feet above the coitus, because I didn’t want to get any closer.

Our street has a wonderful cul de sac which the girls have been loving to ride bikes, and trikes, and scooters around. It has really made the house for us. Along with the HUGE bonus room above the garage. The backyard has recently (as in yesterday) been fenced, and I think once we get some things to swing on and such back there we will really enjoy it. It’s pretty tight back there, but some yard is better than no yard in my book.


Back to pregnancy: I’ve been feeling pretty confident about this pregnancy, aside from the fact that we’ve moved 20 extra minutes away from our hospital (Duke Regional) but if things go anything like Virginia’s labor (14 hrs, start to finish), I’ll have lots of time to get there. But who knows, we do have to pass two other hospitals on the way, so I’ll at least have options if things get desperate. When I was pregnant with Mary Margaret and Virginia, I had this naiveté where I wasn’t aware of all of the things that could go wrong. But, after listening and reading to birth stories (which are intended to be helpful and empowering) I have all of these anxieties in my head about what could go wrong. So, please, prayers for peace and comfort that the Lord will bring Evelyn into the word safely and keep her healthy.


Practice reading to the “baby”

School is wrapping up for both Charlie and Mary Margaret, which I am thrilled about. Mary Margaret will be going to Thales Academy in Knightdale for Pre-K this summer (they are year-round) and, get this, carpool starts at 7:45 AM. I’m barely conscious at that time these days.  It’s going to be an adjustment for everyone.

Other than those small things, we’re just hanging out and waiting for this baby to come. The midwife yesterday told me that 3rd babies are “wild cards” when it comes to labor. They turn more 3rd time moms away from the hospital for false labor than anyone else. Let me tell you, if I’m driving all the way to Durham from Knightdale, I better be admitted, or I’ll just wait in the parking lot until they are ready to admit me.


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