Evelyn – 6 weeks old

So, I’m jumping the gun a little, as she’s not officially 6 weeks old until tomorrow, July 4th, but do things while you can.

I know this is my 3rd baby, but I still can’t get over how long AND short these first 3 months are. I know that I’m not the only one who both enjoys the sweet snuggles and ease of their simple needs, and also longs for the babies to get older and easier. It’s such a strange sense of longing for time to stop and also spring forward because things are SO much fun later.


It’s unfair to compare children, but when people ask how she compares to her big sisters, I have to say that she isn’t as bizarrely easy as Mary Margaret was as a baby, and not as severely difficult as Virginia. So, I conclude that she is a blend of the two personalities.  She is highly effected by gas, so requires much burping efforts, but once the gas has escaped, she is pretty easy going and happy until she’s tired or hungry or doesn’t want to be in that position (floor, bouncy seat, etc) anymore.

I’m not going to discuss her sleeping habits at all, as to not jinx anything. All new moms understand this sentiment.


She is the apple of Virginia’s large blue eye. Virginia was come find me every morning and ask to see the baby first thing. She will shower her with kisses and head touches and tell her how “bewtiful” she is. Mary Margaret has a much cooler approach to her new sister. She definitely loves her, and does give her the occasional kiss, but mostly just says things like “She starting to like me more” and “she’s looking at me”, along with being very helpful to me by assisting with retrieving items such as phones, diapers, clothes, etc.

IMG_7877 (1)IMG_7900 (1)

We were actually on our game this time, and scheduled her baptism before she was born! With Mary Margaret and Virginia we waited 9 months and (at least) 3 months, so this time I was so proud that we got our act together early.  Additionally, we wanted to have a little baptism/ house warming party as a reason to 1) clean the house really well and 2) get a keg… mostly Charlie’s reason. We had a few friends attend with little babies of their own and it was such a joy having all ranges of children there, from only weeks old to college age kids and everywhere in between.

IMG_8139 (1)

We’re 1/2 way through the 4th trimester and I feel like having lower expectations has really helped me get through it. Also, having Charlie home all summer is the best thing I could have done for myself postpartum. I know that most people can’t do that kind of scheduling for delivery, but if you can it’s so so so so worth it.


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