Quick and Dirty

I deleted 8 half-written blog posts that I’d been meaning to finish and publish, but here we are.

Evelyn is over 4 months old! She’s currently squirming around on my lap as I type this with one hand with two hands in her mouth, one being mine.


She loves tickles and little neck nuzzles, almost as much as she loves smiling at her big sisters. weighing in at a solid 17 lbs and fitting nicely into 9 month clothes. She is a great eater and loves her little jumper which makes my life just a little bit easier.


Mary Margaret is turning 5 this month and I’m almost in denial about her becoming a “big big” girl. She has been showing hints of getting out of the “little
girl” tantrums and such, which makes me really look forward to when it’s more consistent. Her current favorite things are, Little House on The Prairie, building with blocks and tiles, listening to the Hamilton score (going on 9 months with straight Hamilton) and The Sound of Music. She loves Pre-K at Thales and although track-out has been great, I know getting back to school will make her very happy.


Virginia turned 3 this summer, and I can’t really believe my once-little baby who reminded me how tough parenting is, turned 3! She surprises me everyday with the things she asks and knows about. I sometimes forget how big and smart she really is. She maintains the status as most fiery and spirited in the crew. She’s different from the ease of Mary Margaret, but in a usually-fun way. Her favorites are PJ Masks, Sound of Music, playing dress up, singing made-up songs, hovering over Evelyn, and coloring sometimes on paper – but mostly on herself.


For us parents, we are on the busy season with work, kids and church responsibilities. Charlie, lovingly, “retired” from teaching Catechism on Wednesday nights which allow me to go to choir practice without having to hire a babysitter. He still loves teaching Latin and History at St. Thomas More Academy and is excited to help with all aspects of the school outside of the classroom.  He was recently sporting a cast from breaking his wrist playing dodgeball with the freshmen, and I think I’m as happy as he is at having both worthing hands back. As of July, we are in our new Cathedral which is SO beautiful and welcome to anyone Catholic or not, that would like to attend service there. So don’t be afraid to come even if you aren’t Catholic.

In true postpartum style, I’m going to omit pictures of myself, because… vanity… instead I’ll include this meme in place of a picture of me.


and one more just for good measure.




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