The McCantses

Big Boss

Originally from High Point, NC. I went to college at East Carolina University intending to be a nursing major. I then dropped outta that mess into Worksite Health Promotion, recently I just turned my notice in at my corporate job to stay at home to be with my girls and pretend I know how to clean house.

I really enjoy coffee, reading overly popular books once someone leads them to me, puzzles of any kind, Diet Coke, Goat Cheese, napping, Dogfish Head’s Black and Blue beer, spinning, school supplies, canned pumpkin in all seasons, making recipes that I can easy execute without going to the store for special ingredients, and my In-Law’s beach house.

Ohh and I kinda, sorta am deeply in love with my husband, dog Buckley and our amazingly sweet and surprisingly blonde haired little girls.

Check me out for, honest struggles and joys being a mom to littles, a few Catholic things, failures (and maybe a win or two) in homemaking, and other musings.

Mary Margaret:


This little spit-fire is our first baby and is wonderful. She has curly springy blonde hair, loves eating all the things and constantly tells me she isn’t ticklish as I’m slaying her with tickles.



Little Virginia was born in July 2014 and has never let us forget it. She is rascally and lovely. She cries louder than we’re used to, slobbers in buckets, and has the sweetest smile. She enjoys her Winkle, O-ball, nursing all times of the night, snuggling in the Big Bed.


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